My academic website

Welcome to my academic website. I am associate professor at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen.

I teach computer game studies (with Kristine Jørgensen), and media education  (Mediefagsdidaktikk 1 + Mediefagsdiaktikk 2).

Please check out my publications page, with updated links and full text versions where available.

If you read Norwegian, check out our research project “Kringsatt av fiender”. We are currently doing classroom research on games and learning at Nordahl Grieg upper secondary school in Bergen, in close collaboration with school and teachers. We also working to develop a joint research & innovation project for 2016 – 2020.

I am Programme commitee chair for this year’s Philosophy of Computer Games conference, Istanbul, 13-15 November 2014. Keynote speakers are Mary Flanagan, Patrick Crogan, and Thomas Hurka.

Did you miss out on The Philosophy of Computer Games Conference in Bergen 2-4 October 2013? Check out the papers (pdf) from the conference, or HD-quality video from all keynotes and presentations.